Automatic cashew processing plant, MEKONG-3TPD

Decription Automatic cashew processing plant, capacity 3 ton per day:

  • This plant is standard factory with middium capacity, suitable for small scale factory and easy increase capacity to 10 ton in future
cashew processing machine

cashew processing machine

Processing of cashew processing plant: Calibration -> steaming -> shelling -> drying -> Peeling -> grading -> packing -> finished


  • Whole machines plant is automatic, minimized labour for operation machines
  • Machines is designed new technology, processing by CNC
  • Equiped electric box control by PLC or Inverter, Contactor friendly with worker
  • Whole list part as motor, electric component is EU standars
  • Parts contact with cashew kernel make by SS304 ensure standard for food
  • Low cost invertement and hign high economic efficiency
  • This plant suitable for factory with standard small scale, easy increase capacity, to increase capacity customer only buy add shelling line

List cashew processing machine

  1.  Raw Cashew nut calibration machine (Raw Cashew nut sorting machine): 1 set

  2. Raw cashew nut steaming machine: 1 set

  3. Automatic cashew shelling line: 1 set capacity 400-500 kg per hour or 2 set line with capacity 250 use cutting two kind size AB or CD

  4. Cashew nut Drying machine: 1 set

  5. Cashew nut humidifing machine: 1 set

  6. Automatic cashew peeling machine: 1 set

  7. Cashew nut grading machine for whole kernel: 1 set

  8. Cashew nut grading machine for broken : 1 set

  9. Automatic cashew packing line: 1 set

  10. Boiler,  1000 kg/hour

  11. Air compressor 50 Hp

  12. Nitrozen Generator


  • Capacity: 3 ton per day (8 hour working)
  • Power: 120 Kw/hour, 380 V or 415 V, 50 Hz
  • Install area: 2000 m2 (40 x 50m)
  • Number of container to shipping: 4 container