Cashew Kernel Dryer

Cashew Kernel Drying Machine

cashew kernel drying machine

cashew kernel drying machine

Decription of Cashew Kernel Drying Machine

  • Dryer machine is use dryer to preparing for cashew peeling process

Feature of Cashew Kernel Drying Machine

  • Frame of dryer made by structure steel rectangular and V steel
  • Dryer Chamber has made by 2 layers which have fiber glass inside and heat-insulation thickness
  • Having Calorifier with radiating grill (fin)
  • The machine is equiped 4 trolleys to support tray dryer, have Wheels of trolley have made by hard cast iron, easy moving and operation
  • Trays is made by Material by mesh galvanized steel
  • Equiped electric

Specification of Cashew Kernel Drying Machine

  • Capacity: 2.0-3 ton/batch (8-12 hour/batch).
  • Power: 8.0Kw (include 4HP fans)
  • Power supply: 380V – 3phase – 50Hz.
  • Drying time: 10 – 12h/batch.
  • Dimension (LxWxH): 5000 x 4.000 x 2200 mm.
  • Automatic reversing fan, no need to reverse the machine while drying.
  • Fuel: saturated steam.
  • Material: steel.