Cashew nut color sorter

Decription: Cashew nut color sorter is grading cashew nut and missing and cashew shell in cashew processing plant.


  1. Global exclusive hawkeye technology adopting can precisely recognize tiny spot, light yellow and some other impurities that normal color sorter cannot recognize.
  2. Global exclusive cloud intelligent analysis technology by clicking one button truly realizes intelligent color selection and is free of complex operation from now on.
  3. Globalexclusive yellow and chalky sorting technology can reject yellow and chalky grain together,meanwhile separate yellow and chalky grain in final rejection. Precise separation of yellow and chalkygrain at the same time and ultra low carryover ratio truly maximize customer value.
  4. Global initiative cloudinternet of things system can provide real time online service, like online technical support, online fault diagnosis, online data collection, online software upgrade, online data exchange and online operation management. It is creating a new era of zero distance.
  5. Global initiative cloud image high-speed capture and processing technology can recognize subtle differences thatnormal color sorter cannot identifyand present perfect sorting performance.
  6. Jiexun core cloud technology processing system with incomparable arithmetic capability realizes the overall improvement of capacity and sorting accuracy, shows perfect sorting performance and leads cloud era of sorting industry.
  7. Intelligent high-frequency solenoid valve with high sorting accuracy, ultra-low air consumption and high switching frequency realizes optimized carryover ratio. Its perfect self-recovery system ensures low maintenance cost and long lifetime over 10 billion times.
  8. Adopting international advanced multispectral analysis technology, hawkeye recognition technology and shape sorting technology can precisely recognize glass, plastic particles, dryer, gravel, etc. (optional)

Model and Specification

Technical Specifications 1 Chute 3 Chutes 4 Chutes
Model LR346 LR1060 LR1200
ThroughputT/h 0.5-2.0 0.5-4.0 0.5-5.5
Power (Kw) 1.9 2.3 2.6
Sorting Accuracy ≧99.50% ≧99.50% ≧99.50%
Rejecting Rate(Bad:good) >10:1 >10:1 >10:1
Total weight 800KG(±5%) 1250KG(±5%) 1650KG(±5%)
Power supply (Voltage/HZ) AC220V/50HZ AC220V/50HZ AC220V/50HZ
Outline Dimension 3257*960*1870 MM 3383*1580*1887 MM 3163*2000*2142 MM
Cooling Modle Wind cooling Wind cooling Wind cooling
Warranty One year One year One year
Resorting / 1st sorting:2 chutes                  2nd sorting: 1 chute 1st sorting:3 chutes                 2nd sorting: 1 chute

Note: Subject to different raw materials and different impurities percentage in raw materials, parameters listed in above tables will change to some extent, which are references for you choosing a suitable model.

 List function with orther company


No. Function Anysort Ancoo
1. Camera detect area 0.0004mm2 0.07mm2
2. Camera technology Hawk eyes technology Normal CCD/COMOS technology
3. Camera pixel 10384 2048 or 4096
4. Ejector life More than 10 billions 0.8 billions
5. Remote control available Not available
6. Capacity based on same chutes quantity 30% more than ancoo 30% less than anysort
7. Operation platform Cloud Internet of Things Technology with windows 7 system


Real time online service.

Online Technical Support.

Online Diagnosis.

Online Software Upgrade.

Online Data Exchange.

Online Operation Management.

Creates new Era of Zero-Distance.

Normal windows platform
8. LED technology Infinite variable LED light control Technology- sorter machine in the Globe with Crystal White Exposed LED (OSRAM) Technology.

Brightness of the LED lamps are 9500 Lux, Five times Brighter than a general Fluorescent Lamp which is used in competing models. This feature can distinguish a range of 65,000 Colors.

Normal LED
9. Intelligent visualization technology The material sorting can be captured dynamically at very high speed as well as analyzed and showed. It truly realizes visual interactive platform. Pictures take photo

Camera computing


Camera can computing and analyze by themselves, so machine reaction speed is fast and get big capacity

12 times reaction speed faster than ancoo

Camera send singnal to main board to compute, then main board send singnal back to ejector board, long time
11. Resoting function available Not available