Cashew shelling machine

Decription of Cashew shelling machine: this machine use separating kernel and shell

Processing of Cashew shelling machine: Hopper -> feeding by mould ->shelling -> Kernel

cashew nut cashew shelling machine

cashew nut cashew shelling machine

Feature of Cashew shelling machine

  • Whole machine is making by new technology as plastic mould made by PE,Teplon, guide mould,holded blade by casting steel is processed by CNC
  • Full Automatic,and easy to operate, and install and mainetance
  • High effective,high quality.We use the core parts imported from Germany and Japan.
  • Equiped electric control turn on or turn off for single machine or compact with PLC system for one big line
  • High capacity from 100 kg to 1000 kg per hour or more, designed depend requirement of customer

List part include:

  • Plastic mould
  • Guide mould bar
  • Mould of blade
  • Blade ….

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