air compressor system

Air Screw Compressor System

Air Screw Compressor System

air compressor system

air compressor system

Decription of Air Screw Compressor System

  • Use supply air for cashew peeling machine and color sorter to running machine

Feature of Air Screw Compressor System

  • Main part of machine imported from Taiwan HANBELL, electric control Inverter  Schneider and motor of Siemens
  • Air Screw Compressor System is equiped air dryer, air filter, oil filter, achived standard for food
  • This machine is design special for cashew processing factory

Specification of Air Screw Compressor System

  • Motor power : 37 kw – 3phase/380v/50hz
  • Working pressure : 8,5 kg/cm2
  • Air flow : 6.5 m3/min
  • Air Dryer Lode star : LD – 50HA (Air flow : 7.0
  • m3/min)
  • Air Filters : 060 Q(5micron) & 060S(0.01micron)
  • Air Dryer: 1 set
  • Air Tank Receiver 1000 Litres – TCVN –Standard certificated


cashew peeling machine

Cashew peeling machine

Cashew peeling machine

cashew peeling machine

cashew peeling machine

Decription of Cashew peeling machine

  • Cashew peeling machine is use separating skin and kernel

Feature of Cashew peeling machine

  • Cashew peeling machine is automatic from feeder to peeling and grading  size
  • Frame of machine make by steel is painted, whole parts contact with kernel make by SS304
  • Electric have 2 operate mode control automatic and manual. All parameter (speed of motor) will easy for adjustment by Inverter
  • Finished have high percentage of white whole: 70 ÷ 90% (01 time through) and lowing Average Broken from 6÷12%

Specification of Cashew peeling machine

  • Capacity: 250 – 300 kg/h
  • Air compressor consumer: 50HP-37 Kw – 7 Bar
  • White whole ratio : 75-90%
  • Broken ratio : 8-10%
  • Moisture: 4-5 %
  • Power supply: 3phase – 380V
  • Total power: 4Kw
  • Dimention : L 10.000 x W 1.000 x H 3.000mm

Bucket Elevator

  • Dimension (LxWxH): 3600 x 400 x 2200 mm
  • Bucket materials : Plastic

Dust Collector: Engine Capacity : 1HP – 3 Phases 380V


  • Dimension (LxWxH mm): 800 x800 x 1200mm
  • Material: staines steel 304
cashew kernel drying machine

Cashew Kernel Dryer

Cashew Kernel Drying Machine

cashew kernel drying machine

cashew kernel drying machine

Decription of Cashew Kernel Drying Machine

  • Dryer machine is use dryer to preparing for cashew peeling process

Feature of Cashew Kernel Drying Machine

  • Frame of dryer made by structure steel rectangular and V steel
  • Dryer Chamber has made by 2 layers which have fiber glass inside and heat-insulation thickness
  • Having Calorifier with radiating grill (fin)
  • The machine is equiped 4 trolleys to support tray dryer, have Wheels of trolley have made by hard cast iron, easy moving and operation
  • Trays is made by Material by mesh galvanized steel
  • Equiped electric

Specification of Cashew Kernel Drying Machine

  • Capacity: 2.0-3 ton/batch (8-12 hour/batch).
  • Power: 8.0Kw (include 4HP fans)
  • Power supply: 380V – 3phase – 50Hz.
  • Drying time: 10 – 12h/batch.
  • Dimension (LxWxH): 5000 x 4.000 x 2200 mm.
  • Automatic reversing fan, no need to reverse the machine while drying.
  • Fuel: saturated steam.
  • Material: steel.


raw cashew nut calibrating machine

Raw cashew nut calibrating machine

Raw cashew nut calibrating machine

raw cashew nut calibrating machine

raw cashew nut calibrating machine

Decription of Raw cashew nut calibrating machine:

  • The machine is use sorting size of raw cashew nut

Feature of Raw cashew nut calibrating machine:

  • The machine is automatic from hopper to feeding sorting drum to size A, B,C,D …
  • The machine is use sorting raw cashew nut into some kind with size A, B,C,D .
  • Motor of Drum is imported from Taiwan, Bearing P 213- NTN (Japan)
  • Size of Hexagon Drum length 9,000mm. Mesh thickness
    t= 6mm. Mesh have 4 size of hole Þ18, Þ20,
    Þ22, Þ24mm, ensure high correction of finished. Raw cashew nut after calibrated: A1, A, B, C, D.
  • Feeder system: Feeding elevator withBuckets material by plastic HDPE
  • The machine is sutable for standard factory with min capacity 3 ton per day
  • Raw cashew is finished calibration suitable for more cashew shelling machine, help to minimized broken and uncutter in shelling processing
  • Equiped electric control by contactor turn on and off
  • Depend requirement for capacity we can design one cashew calibration system with capacity 3- 100 ton ton per day

Specification of Raw cashew nut calibrating machine:

  • Capacity : 1500-2000 Kg/h
  • Calibrated Raw cashew: AI, A, B, C, D
  • Thickness mess: 4mm, diameter: 18, 20, 22, 24
  • Dimension (DxRxC): 10,000 x 1.600 x 2.400 mm.
  • Power: 3 Hp – 2.2 Kw
  • Power supply: 380V – 3 phases – 50Hz.
  • Steel frame: U100 + V40 + V50
  • Included bucket conveyor

This machine use sorting size of Raw cashew

List equipment is included:

cashew steaming machine

Cashew steaming machine

Cashew steaming machine

cashew steaming machine

cashew steaming machine

Decription of Cashew steaming machine

  • Use hot air from boiler to supply for machine with pressure 4 bar to cooking RCN

Feature of Cashew steaming machine:

  • The machine is designed new technology, whole part processing by CNC machine, main part is imported from Taiwan, EU, Japan
  • The machine is rotary in working, help mix Raw cashew in steaming
  • Saving time steaming and cooling
  • Machine is export to more contruy as India, Affrica
  • Suitable for midimum and big factory
  • Depend requirement of customer we can make with more capacity or connect more steaming into one cashew steaming system use for big factory

Specification of Cashew steaming machine

  • Capacity: 1400 – 1600 kg/hour (600 – 800 kg/batch, time of bacth: 10-20 min)
  • Dimention (LxWxH): 2,000 x 2000 x 3.500 mm
  • Total power: 4HP
  • Power supply: 380V – 3 Phases
  • Cashew is steamed by saturated steam supplied from boiler.
  • Material: steel

List equipment is include:

  • Hopper
  • Bucket elevetor
  • Drum cooker
  • Trolley
  • Valve pressure
  • Pipper
cashew processing plant

Raw Cashew nut processing plant

We are manufacturing automatic cashew processing plant with capacity 1- 100 ton per day

cashew processing plant

cashew processing plant

Raw Cashew nut processing plant








  8. GRADING MACHINE (W240, W320, W450)










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rotary cashew steaming machine

Automatic cashew processing plant, MEKONG-3TPD

Decription Automatic cashew processing plant, capacity 3 ton per day:

  • This plant is standard factory with middium capacity, suitable for small scale factory and easy increase capacity to 10 ton in future
cashew processing machine

cashew processing machine

Processing of cashew processing plant: Calibration -> steaming -> shelling -> drying -> Peeling -> grading -> packing -> finished


  • Whole machines plant is automatic, minimized labour for operation machines
  • Machines is designed new technology, processing by CNC
  • Equiped electric box control by PLC or Inverter, Contactor friendly with worker
  • Whole list part as motor, electric component is EU standars
  • Parts contact with cashew kernel make by SS304 ensure standard for food
  • Low cost invertement and hign high economic efficiency
  • This plant suitable for factory with standard small scale, easy increase capacity, to increase capacity customer only buy add shelling line

List cashew processing machine

  1.  Raw Cashew nut calibration machine (Raw Cashew nut sorting machine): 1 set

  2. Raw cashew nut steaming machine: 1 set

  3. Automatic cashew shelling line: 1 set capacity 400-500 kg per hour or 2 set line with capacity 250 use cutting two kind size AB or CD

  4. Cashew nut Drying machine: 1 set

  5. Cashew nut humidifing machine: 1 set

  6. Automatic cashew peeling machine: 1 set

  7. Cashew nut grading machine for whole kernel: 1 set

  8. Cashew nut grading machine for broken : 1 set

  9. Automatic cashew packing line: 1 set

  10. Boiler,  1000 kg/hour

  11. Air compressor 50 Hp

  12. Nitrozen Generator


  • Capacity: 3 ton per day (8 hour working)
  • Power: 120 Kw/hour, 380 V or 415 V, 50 Hz
  • Install area: 2000 m2 (40 x 50m)
  • Number of container to shipping: 4 container
primary cashew sieving machine

Primary cashew nut Sieving machine

Decription of Primery cashew nut Sieving machine: is the first sieving machine, use separating kernel from  shell, uncutted, half cutted

Feature of Primary cashew nut Sieving machine

primary cashew sieving machine

primary cashew sieving machine

  • Cashew nut Sieving machine manufactured with frame by casting steel, having high durable, sieving make by SS304 ensure food standard
  • Sieving machine is run base one eccentric of axis, vibration is evenly distributed in face of sieving help to separating kernel from  shell, uncutted, half cutted
  • Cashew nut Sieving machine is designed Compatible with almost kind cashew shelling machine in market
  • Whole main parts in Sieving is processing by CNC machine and motor is import from EU, Japan, Taiwan or Korean depend requirement of customer
sharing hopper

Sharing hopper

Decription of Sharing hopper: is containing place in high, use Transshipment for each machine in cashew processing factory

sharing hopper

sharing hopper

Feature of Sharing hopper

  • Volume, putout discharge is designed depend on requirement of customer
  • Equiped vibration and window control easy for weighting material in main machine
  • Easy operation and maintenace
hopper bucket conveyor

Hopper Bucket conveyor

Decription of Hopper + Bucket conveyor: use feeding RCN or cashew kernel in main machine or linking more processing together

hopper bucket conveyor

hopper bucket conveyor

Feature of Hopper + Bucket conveyor:

  • Designed depend of requirement of customer
  • Equiped vibration feeding, can control speeding of feeder
  • Bucket conveyor is plastic for food, with high durable
  • Frame of Bucket conveyor make by SS or SS304 depend requirement of customer
  • Can moving can use for multi-purpose
  • Equiped inverter, motor depend on requirement of customer
  • Volume of hopper and lenght of bucket conveyor change depend customer