About Us

MEKONG TECH was established in 2006 from a group of leading technology experts in Vietnam, and developed into MEKONG technology corporation in 2020 working as MEKONG TECHNOLOGY GROUP, Our Group is specializing in designing, manufacturing, installing and transferring technology for cashew nut processing plants, rice processing plants, coffee processing plants,  food processing plants … with complete turkey project for factories.

MEKONG TECH GROUP has brought cashew processing technology to a new level. we are the first to introduce new cashew shelling technologies as on 2016 offering automatic cashew shelling machine with 10 blade, capacity 200-300 kg/hour and now developed 12 blade with capacity 300-400 kg/hour to easy for cashew processing plant with 30-100 ton per day and integrating new technologies into the cashew industry such as continuous steaming and continuous drying and applying SCADA system to help the factory monitor and evaluate the entire production process through a central computer system.

All processing stages have been improved and upgraded to reduce operating workers, shorten production time and improve product quality output.

MEKONG’s modern automatic cashew processing plant is an integration of  cashew processing machines into a continuous cashew nut processing production line based on the latest Vietnam technologies, help to increase efficiency, labor productivity and finished product hygiene level, reduce space requirements, power consumption and environmental impact. In addition, MEKONG also provides machinery technologies for processing RCN by-products such as CNSL to Cardanol and its derivatives, and coatings to electricity and thermal power generation, add value to all by-products

With MEKONG cashew processing technology, customers do not have to worry about food safety concepts, customers do not have to worry about food safety concepts, Our technology allows the integration of automated X-ray cleaning, sorting, filling and packaging line machines that will ensure the product is fully compliant with the most stringent international standards. on food quality and safety.

Besides designing and manufacturing standard cashew nut processing machines, we also design according to customer requirements


MEKONG MACHINE is used in almost big cashew processing factory in  India, Brasil, Egypt, Algeria …

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