Automatic cashew processing plant mekong 3tpd

Automatic cashew processing plant mekong 3tpd
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1. What is the scale of Automatic cashew processing plant mekong 3tpd?

This cashew processing plant is a small-scale factory with a processing capacity of 3 tons of raw cashews per day, with a number of workers for the factory of 20 people, factory size of 500 m2, suitable for family size and small and medium sized companies. the machine has been installed in manyAndia, Africa, Arap south America.

MEKONG cashew cooking & calibration machine  

MEKONG cashew size sorting machine


2. What is the process used in Automatic cashew processing plant mekong 3tpd?

This cashew plant has full processing processes like standard cashew processing factory with capacity 10-100 ton per day according to Vietnam cashew processing technology, With this plant the customer can easy increase capacity in future.

The process of Automatic cashew processing plant mekong 3tpd: Raw cashew nut -> Steaming & cooking -> Cooling -> Sorting size -> Shelling -> Drying -> Humidification -> peeling  -> grading -> Packing & finished

3. What is the advantages feature of the factory

The Automatic cashew processing plant  is designed from simple plant each machine separating or linking each cashew machinery into one automatic cashew system into an automatic cashew processing plant to saving workers for operating for the factory.

The Automatic cashew processing plant mekong 3tpd is used the latest cashew steaming technology of Vietnam with a continuous batch cashew steaming system, ensuring that the finished cashew kernel are not yellowed and contaminated with oil, easy to separated off during the cashew shelling process.

Whole frame of cashew machine in plant uses specialized steel and is designed, processed and manufactured by a team of highly skilled workers, with the support of new CNC technology, the cashew machines in the plant have high durable.

Equipped with the newest Vietnam cashew shelling technology, one Automatic cashew shelling machine , capacity 120-300 kg/hour  with 6-10 knife in machine system,  with broken rate <5% , shelled rate > 95%,  Uncutted < 5%.

Easy maintenance, low investment cost, high economic efficiency, easy to expand productivity later

4. List cashew machine in Automatic cashew processing plant mekong 3tpd

  1. Cashew cooking machine, Model: MEKONG-400
  2. Cashew size sorting machine, MEKONG-600
  3. Cashew shelling line, MEKONG-3TPD
  4. Cashew drying machine, MEKONG-1000 
  5. Cashew peeling machine, MEKONG-300
  6. Cashew Kernel grading machine, MEKONG-200
  7. Broken Cashew kernel grading machine, MEKONG-200
  8. Vacuum packing machine, MEKONG-2550
  9. Cashew Boiler, MEKONG-200

5. Specification

  • Input capacity: 3 Ton per day
  • Working time: 8 hour
  • Power source: 80 kw/hour, 380 V, 3 phase
  • Number of labour: 20 Labour
  • Area installing machine: 500-1000 m2

WARNING: Currently, Old Vietnam cashew technology is being copied widely in the world by companies from India and China


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