Best New model Automatic cashew shelling line vietnam-mk2022

New model automatic cashew shelling line
Cashew separating system
With 5 vibration siever, 4 Air grader, Centrifugual: 4
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The Automatic cashew shelling line, Model: VIETNAM-MK2022 is newest model , has been designed and manufacture by MEKONG TECH with capacity 2000 kg/hour, suitable for big capacity cashew processing plant with capacity 30-100 ton per day, Suitable for more kind cashew steaming technology,  with more performance  as high capacity, low broken rate, less labour, economic.


What is new in Automatic cashew shelling line VIETNAM MK-2022?

Automatic cashew shelling line VN-2000
Automatic cashew shelling line VN-2000
The new model automatic cashew shelling line is designed and manufactured by MEKONG TECH GROUP, High capacity, Saving labour, applied new technology  Suitable for suitable for modern cashew processing factories with high capacity with input capacity 30-100 ton per day and easy to connect to the SCADA system of all equipment in the factory.

What is the advanced feature of Automatic cashew shelling line Vietnam MK-2022 ?

 The line is equipped with the newest modern of Viet nam automatic cashew shelling machine , VIETNAM-MK12H with 12 blade  simultaneously with a capacity of 300-400 kg/hour depending on cashew size.
The New model Automatic cashew shelling line  is equiped automatic cashew separating system with four grading sifters, one shell/nut conveyors, one set pneumatic system for the transportation and recycling of unshelled product, percussion cyclones, shells aspiration, with systems help to cleaning 98% cashew shell and 100 % uncutted cashew mixed in cashew kernel, each process in automatic cashew separating system  is separated it, easy manage ouput of each process help to No contamination by CNSL on kernels and increase quality of finished product.
The New model Automatic cashew shelling line is suitable all kinds of cashew steaming technology in the world, our line is used in almost cashew processing factory in India, Brasil, Africa
The new model Automatic cashew shelling line is the current latest design of Vietnam cashew shelling technology, The line replaces small cashew shelling  line, suitable for large-scale cashew processing plants from 30-200 ton per day.

The control system of the new model automatic cashew shelling line is modernly equipped with a touch screen PLC control system, with the function of connecting to the SCADA system.

This line can be run independent or combined with more automatic cashew shelling line into one automatic cashew shelling system with high capacity and less labour. Easy integration with color sorter system and cashew shell grading systems into one automatic cashew shelling system.
MEKONG TECH provide customers with a wide selection of options for factories with high requirements. The whole machine is made of material by Stainless steel and the normal factory frame of cashew machine by MS Steel and all parts in direct contact with the product by Stainless Steel.

Video clip of new model Automatic cashew shelling line Vietnam MK-2022.

How many model of new automatic cashew shelling line and  specification?





Material manufacture

Ms Steel

Staines steel

Eletric controle

Contactor, Inveter

PLC and Touch Screen HMI

Connected SCANDA

Main part

China (CE), Tawain (CE) , France

France, Korea, Tawain, Italy, Japan


2000 kg/hour


40kw, 380 V, 3 phase, 50 Hz

Shelled rated

>95 % (Depend on size with A+, A> 98%)

Broken Rated


Dimension installed area

20 x 10 x 4 mm

Number container

01 container 40 DC, 01 container 20 DC

What is the different of two model Vietnam-MK2022 and Vietnam-MK2022+?

Two model is different in Material manufacture eletric control and main part as motor, electric components

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