Automatic cashew shelling line

Automatic cashew shelling line
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Automatic cashew shelling line is use separating kernel and cashew shell.

Automatic cashew shelling line is full line processing from raw cashew thought 4 shelling machine and one separating system to take kernel


  • Raw cashew -> hopper -> bucket conveyor -> share hopper -> 4 cashew shelling machine -> primary sieving
  • Kernel
  • Air grading box -> shell -> centrifugal & sieving -> shell and nut
  • Uncutter and haft cutter -> centrifugal & sieving -> roller grading machine -> return uncutted to machine or haft cutted in centrifugal and sieving


  • The automatic cashew shelling line is full automatic from feeder to cutting and separting
  • Whole main part of automatic cashew shelling processing line is imported from EU, Taiwan, Japan, Korea
  • Whole frame of line made by casting steel and whole parts contact with kernel made by SS304, have high durable and ensure whole standard for food.
  • Electric control system can adjust two mode manual model and auto model, easy for labour operation and maintenace.
  • Saving labour, minimized uncutter and half cutted increase economic efficiency.
  • The line is simple easy operation, mainternace suitable in Africa
  • The line is transfer to more country as India, Ivory coast, Gunie Bissau, Tanzania …


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