Cashew color sorter

Cashew color sorter

1. What is funtions of Cashew color sorter in cashew processing plant?

Cashew shelling process: Cashew Color sorter use grading cashew shell and upeeled kernel after cashew shelling machine.

Cashew peeling process: cashew kernel and missing cashew kernel after cashew peeling machine and grading broken cashew kernel.

Mechanical grading process:  use combine with roller grading machine to sorting size of cashew kernel and broken.

2. How to process use Cashew color sorter:

– In cashew shelling process: Cashew color sorter is used combined with bucket conveyor to connect dritect with cashew shelling line into one automatic cashew shelling & separating system, and into cashew tray filling system to preparing for cashew drying machine.

– In cashew peeling process: Cashew color sorter is connect with cashew peeling machine and whole cashew kernel grading machine in to one cashew peeling & color sorter & grading system.

3. What is the advance  feature of the color machine?

Cashew color sorter have new  ejecting technology, which can control one pass carry very few good cashew, can separate cashew in tiny different color such as W and SW along with high accuracy, make your White cashew in best quality and highest price, 360 degrees detecting technology can efficiently improve sorting out curve unpeeled cashew, makes your white.

Equiped double-layer sorter can get two grades in one pass, can achieve double efficiency compared to single nlayer, Remote wireless controlcan control the sorter on your mobile, pad and PC in wireless connection

Equiped CCD Sensor with High resolution, better performance in detecting and sorting tiny scab; Size sorting is also excellent, LED Light Source is high spectral purity with adjustable light source, long lifetime

Having Fault Self-detection System, Automatic diagnosis in different faults, easier for problem solving

New Intelligent Operation Interface, can be self-taught automatically calculate technology, and store in memory, labour can easy re-use

Double-layer belt-type – sorts the plastic with high impurity all at once

Resorting function available – resorts the accepted and rejected materials to get higher accuracy

New LED light source – highly stable power supply, long lifetime, lower use-cost

Stainless steel structure – ensures IP66 waterproof grade (IP54 for observation cabinet)

World top 2048 CCD sensor – high resolution to detect various materials

Leading intelligent shape function – sorts the materials based on size and shape

Specialized ejector assembly – increases the sorting accuracy, output and rejection efficiency

Self-detection function – automatically detects the fault of ejectors, light source, control board and motor etc.

New touch screen – realizes faster and easier operation and maintenace


4. Specifications of Cashew color sorter

Model ~Model Throughput
Power Supply Dimension L*W*H(mm) Weight
LK346 6XZ-300KF 0.5-2 1.9 220V/50HZ 3240*1100*1725 590
LK600 6XZ-60KF 0.5-4 4 380V/50HZ 3340*1700*1900 980
LK1060 6XZ-60KM 0.5-6 4.5 380V/50HZ 3370*1850*1910 1380
LK1200 6XZ-120KM 0.5-8 5.5 380V/50HZ 3370*2260*1980 1550
VL1200 6XZ-120KFS 0.5-8 5.5 380V/50HZ 3370*2260*1980 1550


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