Cashew kernel drying machine

Decription of Cashew kernel drying machine: Kernel drying machine use drying kernel for easy peeling kiln

Principle of  Cashew kernel drying machine: hot from boiler go to corifier, hot air from corifier will be spread in drying chamber, is  circulatory by fan system

cashew kernel drying machine

cashew kernel drying machine

Feature of Cashew kernel drying machine

  • The machine use drying kiln of kernel of cashew bring back to moisture about 4-8 % to be easy peeling skin of kernel . the temperature use drying about 70 -90 0C , and time 120 -135 min, depend on requirement of customer, we will be design static drying machine or continuous drying machine
  • Cashew nut drying machine has design with advantages technology, have control temperature and time
  • High capacity,  Finished dryer have Uniform quality products to increase highly effective for the peeling stage
  • Having strong structure, saving enegy  and easy operation and maintain
  • Whole machine is make by SS or SS304, have cotton insulation between two layout
  • Equiped Trolley and tray, easy install, maintenace and transfortion
  • Specification (static drying machine)

Specification of Cashew kernel drying machine

  • Depend requirement have specification