Cashew machinery new model, high automatic and big capacity upto 100 TPD

cashew machinery
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cashew machinery


MEKONG TECH GROUP is a leading technology corporation in Vietnam with 15 years of experience in research, design and manufacture of cashew machinery with brand name MEKONG CASHEW MACHINERY.
we manufacture whole kind cashew machinery for cashew industrial as raw cashew processing machinery, CNSL processing machinery, cashew kernel processing machinery and provides all cashew machinery, cashew technology and total solutions for cashew nut processing factories, cashew by-product processing factories, factories. Turnkey cashew nut processing plant

CNSL machinery (Cashew nut shell liquid machinery)

There cashew machinery is processing cashew shell into cashew nut shell liquid  (CNSL) or cardanol, Cashew by-products processing machinery bring great economic benefits and solve environmental problems, Cashew by-products such as cardanol have outstanding applications with high economic efficiency, with Cardanol is used in the chemical industry in plastics, coatings, friction materials and surfactants used as pigment dispersants for water-based inks; These resins are used in vehicle brake systems; Pesticide applications with potential for further expansion to drugs, self-healing agents, catalysts…
Process: Cashew shell -> Cashew shell pressing machinery -> Cashew shell oil filter system -> CNSL cooking system -> Cardanol processing system.

Base on processing of CNSL machinery we have list machinery as following:

  1. Screw conveyor
  2. Cashew shell pressing machinery.
  3. Cashew shell oil filter system
  4. CNSL cooking system
  5. Cardanol processing system

We can design depend on capacity of customers, if you have requirement, pl contact with me by Whatapp:+84907668850

Raw cashew nut machinery

Raw Cashew nut Processing Process

Raw cashew nut (RCN) -> raw cashew nut cleaning machinery -> Raw cashew nut sorting machinery -> cashew steaming machinery -> cashew shelling machinery -> cashew drying machinery -> cashew humidifictating machinery -> cashew peeling machinery -> cashew grading machiner -> vacuum packing machinery

List of cashew machinery in raw cashew nut processing plant

1. Raw Cashew Nut Cleaning Machinery have functions as he raw nuts are cleaned from light and heavy foreign matters.

2. Raw Cashew Nut Size Machinery is calibrating to homogeneous quantity of product of the same grade that can be next processed with the MEKONG cashew shelling machine.

3. Cashew Steaming Machinery: With the MEKONG cashew steaming machinery the product following Vietnam cashew technology with high automatic, The machine operates automatically and continuously from feeding to steaming and automatically discharging materials

4. Cashew Shelling Machinery: The automatic cashew shelling machinery is manufacture by MEKONG TECH with more advantage technology with orther brand, it is Original Viet nam cashew technology of Vietnam, the cashew machinery is a thoroughly researched and realized integrated system for shelling and separating calibrated nuts of different sizes. The system handles any cashew size with high capacity 250-400 kg/hour per cashew shelling machinery, broken rate with C,D size <6% and < 4% with A.B sizes, uncutted rate < 5 %, shelling rate > 85 % (the first shelling)

5. Cashew Separating Machinery manufactured by MEKONG is an integrated system consisting of many devices such as Vibration sieving machinery, Air grader, Roller grader, with high performance separating 98 % cashew shell and  cashew kernel in MEKONG automatic cashew shelling machinery

6. Cashew Drying Machinery is specifically designed for cashew nut processing plants with a fuel-efficient thermal drying system that minimizes the percentage of breakage and residuals in cashew kernel peeling process.

7. Cashew Peeling MachineryUsing the mechanical principle is to use the friction of peeling drum and a brush shaft to peel off the outer shell and use compressed air to separate the shell from the seed and clean the shell attached to the grain, with this technology, it is possible to clean up to 95%

8. Whole Cashew Grading Machinery: whole cashew nut sorting machine uses the principle of axial sizing based on the distance of 2 axes to classify whole cashews, depending on the size and number of nuts, it will be divided into W320, W240, W450 .. .

9 . Piece Kernel Grading Machinery: orther name Broken kernel grading machine, The machine is based on the principle of vibrating sieve with 3 layers of perforated sieve surface corresponding to the corresponding tank particle size.

10. Cashew Vacuum packing machinery: vacuum and packing with block vacuum bag with weight 25, 50 lb

11. Tin cashew packing machinery: packing with tin can 

Cashew kernel machinery

There machines is use to processing cashew kernel into roasted cashew kernel, powder cashew kernel, fried cashew kernel as cashew snack food, Cashew nuts have many health benefits as cancer prevention, Nourishing hair and skin, Maintain heart health, Good for bone health, Good for nerves, Improve brain function, Weight loss …

MEKONG TECH manufacture and transfer technology for all cashew kernel cashew machinery as cashew kernel roasting machine, cashew frying machine, cashew vacuum frying machine. Providing complete turnkey project for Automatic cashew kernel processing plant.

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