Cashew nut grading machine

Description of Cashew nut grading machine: this machine use principle two roller to storting size of whole cashew nut  with finished cashew kernel W450, W320, W240 , WS

Processing of  Cashew nut grading machine: hopper-> grading machine ->finishing cashew kernel W450, W320, W240 , WScashew grading machine

Feature of Cashew nut grading machine

  • Whole make is processing by new technology CNC, Frame of machine make by SS powder coating painting or SS304,whole parts contact with nut make by SS304
  • Equiped  screw to adjust distant two roller
  • High capacity and high correctioncashew grading machine
  • Electric control box is control by contactor and inverter easy control speed
  • Easy install and maintenace
  • Machine is use combine with color sorter help to increase production efficiency

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