Cashew nut peeling machine

Decription of Cashew nut peeling machine: use separating cashew kernel and skin

Processing of Cashew nut peeling machine:  Hopper -> bucket conveyor -> peeling drum -> Blowing header -> grading drum

Feature of Cashew nut peeling machine

Automatic cashew peeling machine

Automatic cashew peeling machine

  • The machine is designed and made by new technology, whole part processing by CNC technology, and components is achived CE standard
  • Frame of machine make by SS, and powder coating painted, whole pact contact with kernel make by SS304, ensure standard for food
  • The machine is automatic from hopper, automatic feeder by bucket conveyor put on peeling drum, equiped system help to easy djust angle of brush axis and peeling drum
  • Having time system for speed of conveyor help to distributing and control input to peeling drum, minimized broken and unpeel, in input of blowing header equipped sensor control volume of kernel go to air gun, cleaned up maximum
  • Saving pneumatic for run machine, easy operation and maintenace

Specification of Cashew nut peeling machine

  • Capacity: 300 -500 kg/hour for one machine designed depend on requirement