Cashew processing factory

Cashew processing factory

We supply complete solutions, turnkey and machinery for cashew processing factory with capacity 1-100 tons per day.

Mekong Cashew processing plant
Mekong Cashew processing plant











List machine of Cashew processing factory of MEKONG TECH GROUP :

  1. Raw cashew nut sorting machine

  2. Raw cashew nut cooking machine

  3. Cashew shelling machine

  4. Cashew scooping system

  5. Cashew drying machine

  6. Vapour fan for humidificating room

  7. Peeling machine

  8. Color sorting machine

  9. Cashew grading machine

  10. Vacuum packing machine

MEKONG TECH GROUP is leading in manufacture cashew processing machinery in the world, MEKONG MACHINE is exported to almost market as Asean, India, africa, Brasil …

MEKONG TECH was established from 2006, We are specialized in the design, fabrication, installation and commissioning of turnkey plants and machinery for the cashew nut processing industry.
Today , MEKONG MACHINE is exported to almost market in the world, An important contribution to the technological innovation revolution of cashew processing industry

Video clip of Automatic cashew processing plant :



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