Cashew shelling machine

Decription of Cashew shelling machine: Cashew shelling machine is use separating kernel and shell,

Processing of Cashew shelling machine: Hopper -> feeding by mould ->shelling -> Kernel

cashew nut cashew shelling machine

cashew nut cashew shelling machine

Feature of Cashew shelling machine

  • Whole machine is making by new technology as plastic mould made by PE,Teplon, guide mould,holded blade by casting steel is processed by CNC, minimized broken in cashew shelling process and cashew peeling process.
  • Comparative with whole kind cashew cooking technology and cashew steaming technology in the world
  • Cashew shelling machine is designed and manufactured by MEKONG TECHNOLOGY, it is use in more cashew processing plant in India and africa.
  • The machine is run independent or combine with more cashew shelling machine into one automatic cashew shelling line with high automatic and high capacity.
  • Full Automatic,and easy to operate, and install and mainetance. easy combine with cashew scooping system into automatic cashew shelling line.
  • High effective,high quality.We use the core parts imported from Germany and Japan.
  • Equiped electric control turn on or turn off for single machine or compact with PLC system for one big line
  • High capacity from 100 kg to 1000 kg per hour or more, designed depend requirement of customer.

List part include:

  • Plastic mould
  • Guide mould bar
  • Mould of blade
  • Blade ….
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