Cashew steaming machinery

Cashew steaming machinery

The cashew steaming process is amongst the most critical processes in cashew process , decide the quality of the finished cashew kernel, base on Vietnam cashew steaming technology.

We have two kind cashew steaming machine as Automatic cashew steaming machine with high automatic and static cooking, rotary cashew steaming machine, dynamic cashew steaming machine, RCN is mixed in cooking and steam.


  • Cashew steaming machinery use heating of boiler to separating shell and nut in shell of raw cashew for easy cutting and shelling


  • Raw cashew nut -> Hopper -> Bucket conveyor -> Rotary steaming (or static steaming) -> steamed cashew


  • The machine is designed rotary help to mixed raw cashew in drum
  • Steamer is heating by steam from boiler with pressure 3 -4 bar, help to faster cooker
  • The machine is equiped electric system, easy setup time cooker
  • Having working platform easy for labour operation


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