CNSL processing plant

CNSL processing plant

MEKONG CNSL processing plant is production and processing of by-products in cashew nut processing factories as CNSL & Cardanol, cashew shell pellet

Feature of CNSL processing plant 

CNSL processing plant is designed is full automatic with saving labour from feeding material cashew shell oil pressing machine (Cashew shell oil expeller, oil press machine ) with one or machine machine connnected into one cashew shell oil pressing system with big capacity to filter and refining to CNSL

Equiped cashew shell pressing machine is use principle screw pressing machine with high performance and high capacity 1.2 ton per hour each machine, finished presser 1.2 ton into 250 -300 kg raw cashew nut shell liquid.

Raw cashew shell liquid filting system of CNSL processing plant is combine net filter and centrifugal filter help to cleaning all wast in raw CNSL.

Raw cashew shell liquid refining system is control temperature and time and pressure have high durable and high performance.

CNSL processing plant is designed with new CNSL technology, do not pollute the environment

Finished CNSL is use as bio-diesel or use for processing cardanol.

MEKONG CNSL processing plant  is use more in cashew procesing plant in the all world

MEKONG TECH GROUP supply turnkey plants worldwide for CNSL processing plant as follow:

  1. Cashew shell pressing plant
  2. Automatic Cashew Nut Shell Liquid Plant
  3. Cardanol processing plant
  4. Cashew shell pellet processing plant

We have more kind capacity from 1-100 ton per day of CNSL processing plant, If you need add more information  pl contact direct with us Mobile phone (Whatapp,Skype, Zalo): +84907668850 or send mail for us as following:

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