Raw cashew nut cleaning machine

Raw cashew nut cleaning machine

Raw cashew nut cleaning machine

Description of raw cashew nut cleaning machine:

  • RCN are always mixed with various impurities, such as clod, pebble, sand and grass in harvesting, transportation and storage. Before grain processing, we need to clean grains by grain cleaning machine. If not, it will affect even affect shelling processing
  • RCN CLEANING MACHINE is designed to remove heavy impurities impurities as stone, scrap iron, and light impurities as glass, plastic waste, garbage grass …

Processing and principle of raw cashew nut cleaning machine:

  • Removing stone is mixed in RCN is used to remove sand and pebble. Its common cleaning method is screening and gravity. Screening method removes sand and pebble according to sand and pebble shape, size and the processing material by sieve pit. Gravity destoner machine utilizes the different gravity between sand and grains, and removes impurities under continuous vibration or external force (such as wind power, water power and centrifugal force). Gravity destoner machine consists of screening part, classifying part, stone removing part and winnowing part and has the dual functions of classifying and stone removing. It is the newly designed efficient
  • Dust removing use blowing to removing dust and equiped comb to removing light dust as plastic, grass …
  • Metal removing equiped permanent magnets to removing metal attacted in end of processing

Feature of raw cashew nut cleaning machine:

  • Machine is design compact and compatible with whole kind calibration in market, user can easy combition
  • The machine is automatic from feeding to removing dust, stone, and steel, and discharge direct to calibration machine
  • The machine is designed and manufactured sustainable with body make by Casting steel, and coating painted, whole contact with RCN made by SS304 as Screener, cyclone removing dust, Equipped strong permanent magnets
  • The machine is equiped electric box control turn on or  turn off can open to connect with PLC depend requirement of customer
  • Capacity of machine designed as depend requirement
  • The machine can run independent or combine with Raw cashew nut sorting machine to one Automatic Raw cashew nut cleaning and sorting system in cashew processing plant.

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