Raw Cashew Size Sorting Machine

Raw Cashew Size Sorting Machine


  • Capacity: 1,5 -2 ton/hour
  • Power: 3 kw
  • Power source: 380 V or 415V, 50 hz (designed requirement of customer)
  • Dimention (LxWxH): 12,000 x 1500 x 2000 mm Weight (kg): 2,000 kg

Application: Raw Cashew Nut Sizing Machine used to sort size of raw cashew Nuts calibrating size of RCN for suitable with cashew shelling machine


  • Raw cashew -> hopper -> bucket conveyor -> Sorting Drum (sorting drum with 5 size of hole into 5 size A ,A,B,C,D) -> finished A,B,C,D raw cashew


  • Raw Cashew Nut Sizing Machine is designed almost mechanical, electrical control turn off
  • The sorting drum of Raw Cashew Nut Sizing Machineis lengh 9 m, with thickness 4 mm, ensure finished raw cashew nut, With shape of sorting drum is octogonal,high capacity and high correction.
  • Equiped eletric control can adjust speed of bucket conveyor and speed of sorting drum.
  • Raw Cashew Size Sorting Machine is used calirbating size of RCN with each size +A, A, B, C, D with diameter: 18,20,22,24,26 with standard size for cashew shelling machine
  • Whole frame of Raw Cashew Nut Sizing Machine is by Structure steel U 120, Covered sheet metal and painting., with (Japan), Bearing P 213- NTN (Japan), motor of Japan, Taiwan
  • Raw Cashew Size Sorting Machine can run independ or linked with RCN cleaning machine , Storage bin and cashew cooking machine, cashew cooling system into one Automatic cleaning & Sorting & Cooking System in big cashew processing plant.
  • The machine have strong structure, operation simple and easy maintenace.
  • Low cost and high economic efficiency.
  • The machine is applied in more country as Vietnam, India, Africa.

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