Vietnam cashew technology

Vietnam cashew technology

Introduce for Vietnam cashew technology:

Vietnam Cashew technology has been researched and developed since the 90’s  VINACAS (VIETNAM CASHEW ASSOCIATION ), so far this cashew processing technology has been used in most cashew nut processing factories in the world. Previously, there was no Vietnam’s cashew shelling technology. The cashew processing factories in the world had to use manual shelling or Silaka’s cashew shelling technology with a low productivity of 20 kg/machine and the Italian cashew shelling technology with many shortcomings, On 20211, after 20 years reseached and developed , VINCAS introduced the Vietnam cashew technology  (VINACAS is the leading unit of Project KC.07.DA13/06-10 which has been evaluated and accepted by the ministry of science and technology of Vietnam. Vietnam is the pioneer in inventing a generation of horizontal cashew nut shelling machine (Vietnam cashew shelling machine) to help change the world’s cashew nut processing industry.

Vietnam cashew technology
Vietnam cashew technology

Based on Vietnam cashew technology, MEKONG TECH GROUP manufacture whole kind cashew processing machine as following:

Raw cashew nut processing machine:

  • Raw cashew nut cleaning machine
  • Raw cashew nut sorting machine
  • Cashew steaming machine
  • Cashew shelling machine
  • Cashew separating machine
  • Cashew drying machine
  • Cashew humidificating machine
  • Cashew peeling machine
  • Cashew grading machine
  • Cashew vacuum packing machine

CNSL processing machine:

  • Cashew shell pressing machine
  • CNSL refining machine
  • Cardanol refining machine

Cashew kernel processing machine

  • Cashew kernel roasting machine
  • Vacuum cashew kernel frying machine
  • Cashew packing machine


MEKONG CASHEW MACHINE are leading in manufacturing in cashew machinery, our machine exported to more country as India, africa …

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